Active Aging Week Package

Active Aging Week 2022

We are encouraging every community in Manitoba to take part and celebrate healthy, active aging, safely, as public health orders permit, sharing their experience of being an active living community in Manitoba.

With this theme in mind, we are encouraging people to reflect and reconnect with activities that may have been put on pause during the last year. Stop and smell the roses, try your hand at gardening, birdwatching or photography, take a walk with friends, try yoga, tai chi or take up a new hobby like crafting or try a new sport. The possibilities are endless and AAIM truly believes you are never too old to try something new!

AAIM is encouraging every community in Manitoba to celebrate healthy, active aging and share their
experience of being the best active aging community in Manitoba.

Download our resource package below to help you start planning your event!

Active Aging Week Resource Package 2022