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5 Pin Bowling

This is a variation on the more popular, ten pin bowling game. Both the 5 pin and ten pin bowling games are available in most bowling alleys in Canada.

In 5 pin bowling, the bowling pins are 25% smaller than in ten pin. The bowling ball itself is hand-sized, completely without holes and is easy to roll. At the end of the bowling lane, five pins are arranged in a V shape. The purpose of the game is to roll the ball down the lane and knock all the pins down.



Participants do not have to qualify through regional play-offs. Entry forms and fees may be sent directly to the AAIM Games office.  Entry forms are available through the office or website.




         Mixed Team Event:  55+, 65+, 75+

– teams can be a mixture of men and/or women in any ratio

Women’s Singles: 55+, 65+, 75+, 85+

Mens Singles: 55+, 65+, 75+, 85+


Team: 10 Teams Total

Singles: 3 Individuals/Age Category.


Rules set by the Canadian 5 Pin Bowling Association will apply with the following amendments:

  1. Three (3) games will be played, a game consisting of 10 frames.
  2. Pins over average system will be used. Team averages will be subtracted from team scores for each of the 3 games, (if average is higher than team score, result will be negative, if team score is higher than team average then result will be positive).
  3. All players must enter provincial finals with an average that has been verified by his/her league secretary or the lanes. This average must be verified/given to games representative at the regional playoffs. Any non-league bowler will enter the regional playoffs with an average score of the other participants within the same age category and must enter the 55+ Games in June with the average bowled at the regional playoffs.
  4. If a team is playing with 4 bowlers, 90% of the missing players average will be added to the teams score. The team average will be the total of the 5 players averages.
  5. Teams will switch lanes after each game.


There will be a head judge identified at the start of the tournament. The host community will supply scorekeepers for each lane.


Bowling shoes must be worn. Personalized bowling balls may only be used by the owner to a limit of two – these are the responsibility of the owner. Registration of personalized balls is recommended but not required. Contact the Manitoba Five Pin Bowling Federation for ball registration information.


Winners will be determined by highest pins over average total for the three games.


In the event of a tie, the bowlers will play one game until the tie is broken.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for first, second, and third place, respectively.  Five medals per team will be awarded. Medals will be presented immediately following the event or at a central location at a predetermined time.

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