Our Vision and Mission


AAIM envisions a society where all older Manitobans are engaged in active aging: the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security to enhance quality of life across their life course.


AAIM strives for the ageless engagement of older Manitobans in healthy choices and behaviours that contribute to physical, social and mental wellness, independence and quality of life. AAIM promotes programs that enable older Manitobans to stay socially connected, participate in regular physical activity, eat healthy foods and reduce risk of falls and injury.


AAIM is committed to upholding and advocating the following principles:

Active aging opportunities for all older Manitobans to enhance their health, mobility, and continuing participation in their community.

Respect the experiences, contributions, and resources of older Manitobans.

Older Manitobans play a leadership role in all aspects of AAIM, including planning, programming and decision-making.

Embrace diversity by respecting all points of view.

Meaningful partnerships are formed by working with other corporations, organizations, and individuals interested in active Aging and promoting healthy living for older Manitobans.

Consensus is strived for in decision-making.

Equity – recognizing that everyone can improve their well-being through active Aging regardless of gender, race, ability, capability, or economic status.


In keeping with its mission AAIM is committed to upholding and advocating the following purposes:

To relieve conditions attributable to being aged by providing athletic and recreational programs for exercise and walking classes, and events to support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

To relieve conditions attributable to being aged and advance education by providing access to accurate and reliable health information on making healthy choices through the ongoing development of resources, such as leaflets and newsletters.

To promote health by providing presentations and webinars to the public and older Manitobans on topics related to healthy aging, active living, and healthy lifestyles.

To carry out activities which are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.
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