Urban Poling

Add some variety to your walking – try Urban Poling!

Curious about the walking pole workout? Urban poling (also known as Nordic walking)—think cross-country skiing without the skis—has toning, calorie-burning and posture benefits that have made it a popular workout. Just grab your poles and go—just that simple!

  • Urban Poling is an excellent full body workout, increases core strength, and burns approximately 20 – 46% more calories when compared to walking without urban poles.
  • Urban Poles help reduce the impact on knees and hips and improve posture and balance.
  • Many rehab programs incorporate Urban Poling
  • Urban Poles can be used year around on a variety of surfaces.

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Interested in learning more about Urban Poling? Contact Active Aging in Manitoba. 204-632-3912 or [email protected]

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