As we age, it becomes even more important to stay active. Staying mentally and physically well for independence and quality of life is so important. But many older Canadians face the same question: How does one engage in healthy behaviours that contribute to an active lifestyle? Where do you start?

At Active Aging in Manitoba, we inspire healthy lifestyles by offering programs, services and resources to support, motivate, and educate you along the way.

We help older adults stay connected to their communities and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to age in place. We are using a hybrid model with in-person and online options available, reaching as many older adults as possible, so that everyone can remain connected and active.

Stay Active and Connected for Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

Your lifestyle can impact how you feel overall as well as on a day-to-day basis. By staying active and connected with others, you can reap many benefits. For example, being active and socially connected can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, social isolation, and anxiety, which can help with your overall health.

We’ve put together these resources to educate older adults about how they can maintain their health as they age. With education about preventing falls, webinars, the importance of getting the flu shot, and caregiver resources, you can feel empowered to make healthier and safer lifestyle choices.

Community Services

Find resources in the community near you, including meals for older adults, transportation, home health care, and more. Call 211.

Read More About Community Services

Staying on Your Feet: Falls Prevention

These fall prevention resources help you improve your balance and stability. You can also check out Prevent Falls.
Read More About Falls Prevention


All of our webinars are available for free online. Check out our latest Webinar: “Zest for Life: For Health & Vitality”

Read More About Webinars

Move More, Sit Less

In what ways does physical activity strengthen your body? What exercises or movements are safe for older adults? And how much time should you spend being active each day? Learn more about how physical exercise benefits your body and exercises you can try.

Exercise Videos

Watch these exercise videos, which include yoga for older adults and low-impact workouts.

Read More About Exercise Videos

Benefits & Guidelines: 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults: Ages 65+

Follow these benefits and guidelines to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Read More 24-Hour Movement Guideline for Adults

Staying Active and Connected

Are you still unsure of how to connect and stay active these days? It can be challenging! We're here to help make that easier.

Read More About How and When to Interact Safely


Take a Minute to Move is all about moving more and sitting less. Find out how to incorporate movement into your everyday life.

Read More About TAMM

2021 Adult Report Card: Moving Toward a Better Normal

The 2021 adult report card is a comprehensive summary of how active Canadians were. It assesses daily behaviours; individual characteristics; spaces, places & cultural norms; and strategies and investments.

Read More About the 2021 Adult Report Card

Physical Literacy

Develop greater physical literacy to encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle with this article on Physical Literacy.

Read More About Physical Literacy

Active Aging Canada

Active Aging Canada is an organization that promotes active lifestyles for Canadians across the country.
Active Aging Canada Resources

Benefits of Exercise

Learn more about the various benefits of exercise.
Read More About the Benefits of Exercise

Exercise and Chronic Disease

Find out how to manage chronic disease with exercise.
Read More About Exercise and Chronic Disease


Prevent falls by improving your balance and stability.
Read More About Balance

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