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Carpet Bowling

As the name suggests, this game is played indoors using a carpet and bowls (balls). Players aim to strategically throw the bowls down the long green carpet, aiming for the target (a tiny white ball called the jack). Check out our rules page to learn more. 



Participants do not have to qualify through regional play-offs. Entries must be sent directly to the AAIM Games office.  Entry forms are available through the office or website.





Teams of 4, (four males, four females, or a mixed team):

  • Cues & Non-Cues. (Cues: If at least one person on the team uses a cue the team must enter the cues category.)



  1. There will be 2 players from each team at each end of the carpet who will play 2 balls each, alternating with a member the opposing team (A1, B1, A1, B1, A2, B2, A2, B2)
  2. Games will consist of 8 ends or 30 minutes of play, whichever comes first.
  3. Teams will not change ends.
  4. Teams will flip a coin for choice of balls, the team using the red balls will deliver first.
  5. A captain and co-captain of each team will play at opposite ends of the carpet. These people shall wear identifying ribbons.
  6. Both teams will count score at the end of each end, both teams can score. The team counting the most points on an end will have first delivery on the next end. On a tying end, teams will alternate.
  7. The Jack is placed on the centre spot at the beginning of each end. When a ball displaces the Jack and is directly on the centre or near it preventing the Jack from being placed back on the centre spot, the Jack shall be placed directly on the vertical axis closest to the centre spot. The ball will be behind the horizontal axis running through the house. At no time should the ball be placed in the top half of the house.
  8. A ball running beyond the toe line is dead. Balls that do not go completely over the hog line are removed from the carpet, unless it makes contact with a ball legally in play.
  9. Players requesting the option of sitting in a chair or using cues to deliver the ball must do so throughout the whole game.
  10. Players must stand behind the toe line between the hash marks to deliver the ball.
  11. All players must release the ball before the centre of the house (this point will be marked on each carpet)
  12. WARM UP TIME; Each player will be allowed to throw 2 balls during the designated warm up time which will not exceed 5 minutes. This will be supervised by the scorekeeper in each lane.
  13. The use of Cues is optional. Cues must not exceed more than one (1) meter in length. The toe line for those participants using a cue will be two (2) feet behind the existing toe line.
  14. Hash marks will be added to the carpets, 14 inches on each side of the centre line. Players must release the ball while standing within these marks.


Inner circle is worth 3 points, middle circle is worth 2 points, and outer circle is worth 1 point. A ball not completely inside the line of the circle counts in the next circle. NO balls shall be removed until both team representatives are satisfied with the score and it is recorded on the score sheet. Each captain will sign the score sheet following the game.


HOUSE –  The rings at either end of the carpet (as in curling).


There will be a head judge identified at the start of the tournament. Scorekeepers or referees will be provided for each lane.


Carpets will be regulation size, and balls will not be biased. Equipment will be supplied by the Host Community. Players using cues will supply their own cues.


A round robin or multi division round robin will be played, depending on the number of entries.


Play-off Elimination Draw:

First in Pool A vs. second in Pool B

First in Pool B vs. second in Pool A

The winners from this will go on to play a game to determine first and second place.

The losing teams will play a game to determine third place.


The top team from each division will play in a round robin to determine first, second and third place.


The top three teams will play-off (round robin) to determine first, second, and third place.


  1. GAME: If a game is tied at the end of 8 ends, the teams will play two extra ends until

the tie is broken and continue until the tie is broken.

  1. DIVISION STANDINGS: In the event two teams are tied in division standings, the

winner of the previous meeting will advance. If more than two teams are tied within a

division then points for and against will determine the division winner, the team with

the most points will advance.  If a team has won by default, then the average points

for and the average points against of the games that they have played will determine

the score to be awarded for the defaulted game.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for first second, and third place. Four (4) medals per team will be presented. Medals will be presented immediately following the event or at a central location at a predetermined time.

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