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Floor Curling

Curling is one of the most popular sports in Canada. With floor curling, you can play this game even without an ice rink. All it requires is curling equipment and a smooth, flat surface. If you love to curl, take a look at our floor curling rules page. Learn more about how to curl by watching our video here.



Participants do not have to qualify through regional play-offs. Entries must be sent directly to the AAIM Games office. Entry forms may be obtained from the office or website.





Teams of 4 (four males, four females, or a mixed team): Cues & Non-Cues

Cues: If more than one person on the team uses a cue the team must enter the cues category.  If only one person on the team uses a cue, they may enter either the Cue or Non-Cue category.  However, if they enter the Non-Cue category, the person using the cue must play in the lead position throughout the Games.



Governing rules: ASCSRA established rules.

  1. The length of the playing surface will be 36 ft. long and 8 ft. wide.
  2. A game will be 8 ends or one hour in length, whichever comes first. Teams will be warned by a bell or buzzer at 55 minutes and all teams must finish the end they are currently playing. If no rock has been thrown then that end WILL NOT be played.
  3. The entire cue must not exceed more than one (1) meter in length. The toe line for those participants using a cue will be two (2) feet behind the existing toe line.
  4. One of the thirds shall toss a coin to determine which rink shall play first or last in the first end OR choose color of rock.
  1. No change of players position shall be made once the game has started.
  2. The rock will be delivered by the handle ONLY from a standing, kneeling or sitting position which ever is easier for the player. No steps or slides are permitted. Players sitting, must sit behind the toe line. The rock must be delivered from inside the hash marks on the toe line, however the chair may be outside the hash marks. Players kneeling or standing must be behind the toe line

and within the hash marks. A player may not pick up his/her rock until it is his/her turn to deliver. All r        ocks must be delivered from inside the hash marks. The player must also be positioned inside the hash marks upon delivery; foot guidelines are provided for right and left handed players.

  1. A. The lead will deliver the rock first, followed by the second, third, then skip. Each player will throw two rocks, alternating with a player from the other team. A team MUST throw all eight rocks. When it is the skips turn to throw, the third will act as skip.
  2. B. A Skip may throw the Third’s stones and the Third will then throw the Skip’s stones throughout the entire game. This must be declared at the beginning of the game. No changing back and forth.
  3. The skip, while directing play, must not touch his/her team’s nor his/her opponents’ rocks during play.
    1. the player steps on or over the toe line.
    2. the rock strikes the side or end lines.
    3. the rock does not completely cross the hog line. NOTE: if the rock being delivered strikes another rock that is just immediately over the hog line, that rock being delivered is in play even though it may not be completely over the hog line.
    4. the rock is completely over the toe-line. NOTE: rocks resting between the circle and the toe-line are still in play.
    5. a rock being delivered comes to rest on its edge, handle, or another rock. NOTE: a rock delivered rolling or upside down is termed an illegal delivery. A rock being delivered on its handle rights itself before crossing the hog line it is considered to be in play. The skip should make every effort to remove illegal rocks before they contact other rocks.
    6. if a rock is delivered legally but is overturned AFTER striking a rock in play, the overturned rock must be removed and all other rocks will remain in their positions.
  1. If a skip accidentally moves a rock, then that rock shall be placed as close as possible to the original position. If the skips cannot agree on any of the above circumstances then the Games umpire will make a final decision.
  2. SCORING: the team with rock(s) closest to the “button” scores, only one team can score per end. Rocks beyond the outer circle do not count. The team that scores in an end will deliver first rock in the next end. If there is no score in an end, the team that scored in the previous end will deliver first. The thirds are responsible for deciding and reporting the score to the scorekeeper if one is provided.
  3. The house will be cleaned and re-waxed as determined by the head official.
  4. For safety reasons the wax will be applied to the playing surface only (1foot in front of the none cue toe line to 1foot in front of the other none cue toe line).
  5. All stones are to be delivered from (on) the playing surface only. The cue toe line box is not part of the playing surface and should not be waxed.

Cue stones are to be shot from the end of the playing surface and not from     within the Toe line box.

  1. If a situation occurs where one team member is unable to participate the team may play with 3 players. The lead and second will each throw 3 rocks. Once a game has begun with 3 players, the missing player must sit out the entire game. The missing player may rejoin the team in any further games in the tournament as long as they are there at the start of the game.
  2. The lead, second and third must stay at the back of the rink until after the third’s rocks have been delivered.
  3. No noise or talking will be permitted while a player is throwing a rock. Courtesies of curling apply.
  4. Shoes must be worn (no heels).
  5. PRACTICE THROWS; each player is allowed to throw 2 rocks during the designated warm up time which will not exceed 5 minutes per team. Warm up times will be supervised by the scorekeeper or referee.
  6. All players, including the skip are not allowed on the playing surface at any time.
  7. SUBSTITUTION: A registered alternate can be placed in any position other than skip.
  8. If a player starts a game with a cue then that player must use the cue throughout the game. If a player starts a game without a cue then the cue must not be used by that player in that game.


  1. Players will not shoot excessive speed shots. Head official will issue a warning;

subsequent incidents will result in a one (1) point penalty.


There will be a head judge identified at the start of the tournament. Scorekeepers will be provided for each game.


All equipment will be provided by the Host Community/Games inventory with the exception of cues.  Players in the Cue category must provide their own cues.


All teams will play six (6) games. Total points will be used to determine gold, silver and bronze.  Points will be awarded as follows:

2 Points for a Win

1 Point for each team in the event of a Tie

1 Point for each end that is won

0.5 Point for each team on an end that is blanked


  1. GAME: If a game is tied at the end of 8 ends or one hour each team will be

awarded one point.

  1. FINAL STANDINGS: In the event 2 or more teams are tied in points for either first, second or third, then most points scored against all teams will

determine the higher position. If still tied, the least points allowed will be used. If all else fails a draw to the button by any member of the team will

determine final standings.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each category.  Four medals per team will be presented. Medals will be presented immediately following the event or at a central location at a predetermined time.

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