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This game is similar to pool; it’s a billiards game where you score points by pocketing balls in the correct order (which is based on a numerical sequence). The rules can be tricky; our rules page will help you learn more about the game.


Participants do not have to qualify through regional play-offs. Entries must be sent directly to the AAIM Games office. Entry forms may be obtained from the office or website.





MEN:          55+ &  70 +

WOMEN:   55+



International Rules of Snooker will apply.

  1. All games will be played on a regulation table (6×12 and/or 5×10).
  2. The flip of a coin awards the winner choice of breaking the balls or nominating the opponent to do so.
  3. If a player is unable to bridge their hand over a ball, they may seek permission of the tournament referee to touch the ball.
  4. Good sportsmanship will be practiced at all times.
  5. Play begins with 15 red balls and 6 colored balls placed on the table. For the

women’s event, play can begin with 10 red balls and 6 coloured balls placed on the table.

  1. On the break the white ball (cue ball) will be struck from the “D” and must directly strike a red ball (no banking) in the pyramid of 15 reds. Penalty is 4 pts.
  2. Play continues with players potting a red, then a color until he misses a pot or creates a foul. Play then goes to an opponent.
  3. Scores are determined by adding up the value of all balls pocketed in a players turn. RED 1, YELLOW 2, GREEN 3, BROWN 4, BLUE 5, PINK 6, BLACK 7.
  4. When potted each red ball stays down, but each color is replaced on its spot until all reds are down. Then colors are dropped in ascending order of value.
  5. If the cue ball accidentally goes into a pocket, the next player takes it in hand and may shoot from the “D” in any direction above or below the balk line.
  6. Players may snooker or hook their opponent. If the next player fails in attempting to strike the ball that is “on” and snooker’s his opponent, the next player may nominate any colored ball on his first shot and count “1” if he pots it, or ask the player to shoot again. He continues with a color, then a red and a color etc.
  7. If the cue ball is touching a ball which is not “on” the player must play away from it, and hit a ball that is “on”.
  8. If the cue ball is touching the “on” ball, the player must play away from it. He need not hit another ball nor is it foul if he strikes another ball. He may count an “on” ball if he pockets it.
  10. Cue ball goes into a pocket off a red, yellow, or green – 4pts. Higher value balls their value.
  11. Miss altogether – 4pts. or value of higher ball.

iii.    Pot a ball out of correct order – 4pts. or value of higher valued ball pocketed.

  1. Play with a ball other than the cue ball – 4pts.
  2. Touch other than cue ball – 4pts. or value of higher ball struck.
  3. Force any ball off the table – 4pts. or value of highest ball struck.

vii.   Failure to hit the ball nominated by the player after the opponent’s foul – 4pts. or value of higher ball.

viii.  Moves ball-touching the cue ball – 4pts.

  1. Strikes two balls simultaneously, other than two reds or the nominated ball and the ball “on” – 4pts. or higher value ball.
  2. Push with cue tip instead of striking – 4pts.
  3. Play before the balls have come to rest – 4pts. or value of higher ball.

xii.   The cue ball does not directly strike a red ball on break – 4 pts.

NOTE:  When a foul is committed the opponent can either play or request to have the player that fouled shoot again.

  1. All games must be completed, including the black ball. A game ends when all balls have been potted, following the Rules of Play; if, however, only the black (7) ball is left on the table, the game ends with the first score or foul. If the players’ scores are equal after that scoring, the black ball is spotted on its original position and the players toss a coin for the choice of playing at, or assigning opponent to play at, the black ball with the cue ball in hand within the D, first score or foul then ends the game.


There will be a head judge identified at the start of the tournament. The head judges word is final.


Players will be allowed to bring their own pool cues.


A round robin or multi-division round robin will be played, depending on the number of entries. Two points will be awarded for a win and zero for a loss.

SINGLE DIVISION ROUND ROBIN: (7 players or less)

The top three players from the round robin will determine first, second, and third place.


Play-off Elimination Draw:

First in Pool A vs. second in Pool B

First in Pool B vs. second in Pool A

The winners from this will go on to play a game to determine first and second place.

The losing teams will play a game to determine third place.


A round robin will be played at the discretion of the Host Committee in consultation with the Games Coordinator, depending on the number of entries.


  1. DIVISION STANDINGS: In the event two players are tied in division standings, the

winner of the previous meeting will advance. If more than two players are tied within

a division then points for and against will determine the division winner, the player

with the most points will advance. If a player has won by default, then the average

points for and the average points against of the games that they have played will

determine the score to be awarded for the defaulted game.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for first, second, and third place respectively, in each category. Medals will be presented immediately following the event or at a central location at a predetermined time.


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