Chronic Disease and Exercise

Exercise is the true elixir, even when dealing with a chronic disease. One in 3 adults over the age of 55 years has a chronic condition, and those with one chronic illness often have more than one condition.  Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, asthma, stroke, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., everyone is unique; bottom-line exercise helps. Regular physical activity can help prevent and treat chronic conditions; however, most older Canadian adults are not active enough to reap the benefits. If you’re pretty sedentary, start slowly and look at ways to include more movement into your day.

Check in with your physician before starting an exercise program, as direct supervision may be your best option, depending on your condition. Check out the resources and links below.

Exercise and Chronic Disease: Get the Facts –,and%20can%20take%20less%20time.

Exercising with Chronic Conditions –

Living with Chronic conditions –  programs:
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