Peer Leaders

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? Active Aging in Manitoba is a great place to start. At AAIM, we rely on volunteers to help us run our events and programs. We promote activities that encourage Manitobans to stay active, mobile, and healthy as they age.

If you’re interested in learning more about our peer leaders program, we’ve put together this resource page to help you out. Be part of a thriving community that promotes wellness, healthy aging, and education at AAIM.

Steppin' Up With Confidence Peer Leader

Steppin' Up With Confidence is a peer led exercise program that trains volunteers at no charge and supports them in offering free classes for older adults within their communities. Steppin’ Up with Confidence is a program of Active Aging in Manitoba and was developed in partnership with the Manitoba Fitness Council.

Who should get involved?

All Manitobans 55 years of age or older with an interest in healthy, active aging and a desire to lead an exercise class for their peers.

You Will Learn

  • The importance of regular physical activity on healthy aging and functional ability.
  • The proper ways to do a variety of exercises that help older adults stay healthy and independent.
  • How to prepare and lead an exercise class for older adults.
  • How AAIM will continue to support your peer volunteer efforts.

You will receive a Peer Leader Training Manual with all of the exercises and resources to help you begin an exercise class in your community. This training is available in person or virtually.

Speaker’s Bureau Facilitator

Training will be provided for any older adult who is keen to share their passion for active aging with other organizations and older adults on a variety of presentation topics including:

  • Ten Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Active Living
  • Staying on your Feet - Falls Prevention
  • Healthy Mouth: Key to a Healthy Body
  • Healthy Habits for a Healthy Brain

55+ Games Volunteer

Hundreds of Games volunteers are needed every year to put on the annual 55+ Games, from setting up or manning an event to ensuring snacks are set up, the list goes on.

To learn more about what each position entails, feel free to get in touch with us.

Want to Become a Peer Leader, Peer Facilitator, 55+ Games Volunteer?

We welcome everyone to apply as an AAIM volunteer. Even if you’re inexperienced or new to volunteering, don’t worry; no volunteer history is required. We provide all the necessary training and support.

Volunteer peer leaders are a core resource at AAIM. We’re looking for volunteers who are passionate about active aging and want to share their passion with other older adults in Manitoba. Keenness and willingness to learn are key. Apply to be a peer leader today!

Who Can Apply?

We’re looking for volunteers who share our passion for healthy and active aging. At AAIM, we consider the following to be our core values:


It’s important to build relationships that are open, communicative, and honest. We want to develop trust with our volunteers so that we can deliver our programs with confidence.


With compassion and empathy, we can help older Manitobans engage in healthy and active behaviour. Those who deal with mobility issues or joint problems may require adaptations to various games and events. Compassion is incredibly important in these situations; it’s about accommodating our events based on the needs of our participants.


At AAIM, we believe that it’s essential to be a team player. Help out those in need and ask for help when needed. With this mindset, we can create a supportive community that promotes active and healthy aging.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our peer leaders and volunteers. We truly appreciate all of the hard work our peer leaders do to help us keep older adults in Manitoba healthy and active!

Please check back for regular updates and access to available resources. For more information, contact our AAIM office at 204-632-3947.

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